Friday, September 15, 2017


Can the recent Patriot’s loss be considered a metaphor for law firms of today?  The challenges of developing a “strong bench” are not unique to professional sports teams.  Law firms also must recognize the importance of grooming a “second generation” – acquiring  talent and devoting the resources necessary to develop and cross-train capable attorneys if they are to remain viable in today’s highly competitive and global legal market.

We see with the surprising loss of the top-ranked Patriots the importance of not taking anything for granted.  Even the most prestigious firms (and teams) need to plan ahead, add depth and strength and commit to continuous skill improvement  - not only to service their existing client base, but to attract new clients, business and the best talent to their firm.

We can all get caught up in our successes and reputations, yet the most respected firms, large or small, have an entrepreneurial “feel” about them.  They see the rapid changes (technological, political, demographical) happening nationally and globally and strategize about ways to leverage these changes to acquire talent for  future growth.  They are opportunistic – they remain open-minded and move quickly when a potential “star” candidate shows an interest - and are always recruiting for excellent, skilled attorneys first, business second.

None of us, not even the Patriots, want to think we have any holes in our organization, but most of us will from time to time.  That’s why it’s important to periodically review your “bench” and prepare for what your clients’ needs will be.  Not having the talent & skill can cost you the “game” – or a client.